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Insurance Agent

 Tech driven. Data focused. Insurance solutions.  

A leading provider of large commercial property & casualty insurance, and risk management solutions.

Our Process

We design, build, and support insurance programs for large commercial businesses. It's simply what we love doing for our clients.
Examine Techiniques

We take a closer look at existing coverage, what losses have been experienced and your org's Total Cost of Risk (TCoR).

Identify Exposure

Uncover risk exposures and prepare an action plan to protect against these risks.

Implement the Plan

Address the gaps in insurance, finalize loss reserve review and procedures and set a strategy for improvement.

Monitor & Enhance

Provide ongoing guidance on risk-related issues, recommend actions that support continued TCoR improvement.

Protect your business. Properly.

With tons of features at your fingertips, you deserve the attention and expertise you can only expect from people who live and breathe your business.
Canopy is leading the industry in specialized insurance for large commercial businesses, developing a deeper understanding of our clients' challenges and opportunities than any other agent. Canopy tailors stable offerings and turns our expertise into education and training programs that add value to your business, it's not just an insurance policy we hand over. We are helping clients develop a lasting model by extending comprehensive risk management services to help companies operate more safely and avoid catastrophic losses, earning us unparalleled customer loyalty.

Premium Features

Safety & Training Specialists

Access to comprehensive training is critical to the safety of emergency service providers.

On-Site Training Options

We review the information gathered, and based on industry experience and insurance knowledge, create a personalized report

Risk Management Plan Development

Paramedic Filling a Questionnaire

We take the time to understand the uncertainties and help you develop strategies to optimize risk taking.

Safety Materials

Our system provides 24/7 access to a wide range of materials at no additional cost to our clients.

Take a strategic approach to risk management 

Industries served: Real estate, manufacturing, ambulance, transportation, oil & gas, contractors, construction, wholesale & more!

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