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 Our approach to strategic partnership 

“Success in investing starts with people who are committed to achieving it.”

At SGH, we believe the most important factor in determining success in a business is the people behind it. Our philosophy has been unwavering, consistent for decades and exceptionally successful. Within our network and collaborative environment, we give our leaders and partners the tools needed to succeed.

“We’re looking for entrepreneurs who want to lead and grow.”

Our investment strategy isn’t centered on financial metrics, specific industries or maturity of a business. Instead, we passionately believe in investing in leaders, growing leaders and working with leaders. As a result, we seek like-minded entrepreneurs who are actively looking to acquire a company and/or create a brand new concept and who are willing to work to establish leadership positions in the marketplace. Opportunities that have synergies to our family of companies are highly encouraged, and we are especially eager to connect with organizations that can utilize technology integration with our advanced digital and disruptive footprint. If you fit that profile, we encourage you to bring an opportunity to see if your shared dreams and commonality match up with ours. We can right size our involvement and tailor down services as your company or concept gains success. And you’ll be impressed at the level of SGH back-office support, managerial expertise and funding to finance the right deals that SGH provides.

“Investors who bring expertise to the table create winning outcomes.”

Our consistent record of investment success over the years is primarily due to actively looking for and recruiting strong business people with industry expertise. Combining expertise that has synergies with our current industry verticals or new verticals we want to branch into is especially attractive. At SGH, we also want to establish relationships with investors who desire a strong, strategically minded investment partner with a wide range and record of management expertise. Sam Simon has created a collaborative environment that in turn has created long-standing relationships with our investment partners. In fact, many of these relationships are over ten years or more, which is a tribute to our established track record of performance. As an investor, if you bring the right mix of energy, enthusiasm and integrity to the table, you’ll find SGH is the place you’ll want to be.

“Our strategic alliances are formed by connecting the dots and thinking outside of the box.”

First we collaborate, then we innovate… but it doesn’t stop there. We are always looking for new ways to leverage industry expertise to take our companies to the next level. We have formed strategic alliances by connecting the right people within the right industries. Whether it’s a vendor relationship or a strategic partnership that leads to exponential growth, we believe that building these alliances is key in helping our companies reach their full potential.

Areas of Expertise

Real Estate
Stratigic Alliances
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