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Building Relationships in a Unique Way

Sam Simon created Passion and Energy with the intention of providing a unique, customized dining experience for his guests. Unlike other companies, Sam wanted to entertain his guests in an intimate space where he could focus on building relationships as opposed to going to a busy restaurant. Passion and Energy Corner is also a resource for Simon Group Holdings team members to provide an exceptional experience for their guests. 


Why Passion and Energy? 

Passion and energy are instilled in every team member of Simon Group Holdings, so we wanted to create a space where team members can combine these qualities and build meaningful relationships with our guests. In our experience, passion and energy have been key to building successful business relationships. 


Passion and Energy Features

Personalized, one-on-one experience for guests, state-of-the-art kitchen with an "at-home" atmosphere, resource available to all team members for entertaining, dedicated, experienced chefs on staff, customized dished based on preference, healthy ingredients and dietary needs, special cuisine offerings such as a signature pizza over, and Simon Estate wine and handcrafted seasonal jams.  

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