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AeroParts Now in Birmingham to Launch Global Online Aviation Marketplace

AeroParts Now (APN), a new global online marketplace in Birmingham for aviation parts and supplies, is set to launch at the 2017 National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) – Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (BACE) conference now underway in Las Vegas. APN is the first e-commerce platform connecting aviation industry stakeholders with all the digital tools required for transactions.

“Today’s aircraft parts buying process has many issues, including inaccurate parts catalogs, lack of inventory visibility and seller performance ratings, and unstable pricing,” says Owne Busch, APN’s CEO and co-founder. “As a result, FBOs, MRO providers, OEMs, independent aircraft repairers, and individual aircraft owners have all been calling for easy to access market for parts and procurement.

We also see a growing trend toward digital purchasing that demands more transparency and connectivity – all the features of the world’s most trusted e-commerce sites, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.”

The online marketplace will offer intelligent procurement, seller enablement, and commercial-minded integrations. The offerings provide buyer professional tools including price transparency, true compare, shop, buy and post-transaction workflows, personalized views, price watches and alerts, extensive seller ratings, and performance metrics.

Additionally, distributors and parts marketers are offered tools to market parts online with free registration and parts listings.

“Our goal was to integrate our crowd-sourced master data catalog with the best in e-commerce, as expected by aircraft parts buyers at all levels of experience,” says Carl Helka, APN COO and co-founder. “We have made AeroParts Now as easy to use as Amazon, AeroParts Now ‘incubated” its platform for several years, using real-world parts purchasing experience and practical e-commerce practice in its development.”


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