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A Cooler Way to Shop

Sam Recognized an Exceptional Leadership Team 

In pattern with all investments at Simon Group Holdings, our involvement began in recognition of great leadership. Cooler Screens values integrity, meritocracy, pragmatism, and winning as a team. Sam is a member of the Advisory Board because of these like-minded values and desire to be at the forefront of new technology. Cooler Screens prides themselves on their team of proven entrepreneurs and respected industry leaders from top companies in retail, consumer goods, and technology. Sam has always sought teams like this because he believes they will be responsible for innovating the future.

A Product Driven by the Consumer Experience

Cooler Screens was founded on the core idea that consumers deserve a far better experience than what is available today in brick-and-mortar retail. They bring consumers in brick-and-mortar what they love about shopping online: ease, relevance, transparency, and better choices.

Their merchandising and advertising software powers captivating, immersive experiences for shoppers. Cooler Media combines the art of dynamic visual design and the power of AI technology. It gives retailers and brands the ability to define smart, in-context promotions, design digital planograms, and deliver flawless product displays and real-time pricing at the point-of-sale. With Cooler Media, retailers and brands can capitalize on the critical three-to-five seconds of consumer decision-making in store. Delighted shoppers increase their purchases and return more frequently.

To learn more about Cooler Screens, click here

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