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Historic Buildings

 Real Estate Fund 

Historical High-Yield Performance

For over 30 years, Simon Group Holdings has had extensive experience in buying, renovating and selling real estate to achieve high net returns for our investment partners. Our roots in real estate started with Atlas Oil, where we purchased hundreds of gas station and convenience store locations nationally, renovated and sold those units and maintained long term supply contracts.

In 2006, SGH expanded our real estate portfolio into buying distressed properties and notes. Our real estate funds invest in a variety of real estate assets including undervalued commercial real estate, multifamily properties, and troubled loans secured by commercial real estate, as well as special situations. Over the last several years we have bought and sold more than 80 properties.

Investment Partners Reap Financial Rewards

Our deep relationships with brokers and financial institutions allows us to have the inside track on acquiring properties at the right time, well before they go to market. With our management teams strong operational background, we are able to quickly access and make improvements, including putting the right talent in place to manage our investment properties.

Our typical investment strategy is to buy and sell within two to three years, allowing our investment partners to reap the rewards of their investment. We are a value-added buyer, always seeking to acquire properties that will generate high returns.

Trust, character and integrity are attributes within our code of ethics. We take great pride in our long-standing investor relationships. Whether you are an individual investor or representing your client, we have the historical performance of finding the right investment property, closing the deal efficiently and having the back-office support needed to manage each transaction.

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Complexity Creates an Advantage

Real estate opportunities are characterized by challenges in market dynamics, performance, cash flow and leadership. These factors make it difficult for most investors and create barriers to entry and inefficiencies in this market. Simon Group Holdings believes that few participants offer the combination of capital and investment experience and leadership needed to ensure a successful investment life cycle. We have extensive experience defining the most effective business strategy, marshaling the proper management and talent, and directing the implementation of the operating plan.

Focus on Particular Property Types

  • Undervalued commercial real estate

  • Multifamily rental properties

  • Office and mixed-use properties

  • Retail service stations and convenience stores

  • Self-storage properties

  • Non-performing and/or distressed notes secured by commercial real estate

  • Special situations

For any questions, please contact Michael Evans at mevans@simongroupholdings or 313 200 2463.

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