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At SGH, our people are known by one thing - a little green dot on their clothes. This is not worn out of habit, but purely by pride. We wear it because it stands for so much more. 

This green dot represents everyone within SGH connecting the dots. This connect us to each other and the people who are around us. It is about building relationships and connecting relationships we have outside our office building. It is connecting us to each outer.

Green also represent the color of grown and symbolize new beginnings. We are go getters and we get the job done. 

Our culture is in our DNA


Our values are inherent to the SGH culture. Our philosophy of striving for creativity, pushing for innovation and always being confident and decisive began with the creation of Atlas Oil and now extends throughout the entire SGH family of brands, and to every member of the SGH team.

Our six core values are manifested by Sam’s fierce personal commitment to seeking ways in which to help others. They also bring our collaborative environment full circle, which is represented by our green dot logo, signifying how connecting the dots between our people and companies results in great success.


Passion: We love what we do, and that’s why we do it well. It is in our DNA to strive to be great and the best at what we do. We have a winning competitive spirit.

Pride and Image: Quality matters. We don’t take shortcuts, and we know the first impression is the most important; there’s only one chance to do it right. We are always prepared and we do our homework; every SGH team member understands our companies’ products and services and the customers’ needs. Lastly, we know it’s important to always look and feel our best.

Solution Driven: There are always problems and issues. Rather than giving up, we find the answers. We don’t place blame on others. We don’t take no for an answer. We find solutions through collaboration and guidance. We don’t let bureaucracy get in the way; we make it happen. Like inches, we know the opportunities to make a difference add up.

Customer Focus: Customers are our first priority; we take care of them and exceed their expectations. We always call the customer back the same day even if we don’t immediately have the answer to their question. We know relationships matter, so we spend time with our partners. We are always truthful with our business partners; even if we make a mistake, we hold ourselves accountable and find a solution.

Do the Right Thing: Though we pride ourselves on a competitive, winning spirit, we never compromise our integrity. If it doesn’t feel right, we don’t do it. If we see something out of place, we say something. There are no surprises or secrets among our team. We steer clear of politics, silos and pointing fingers.

Collaborative Innovation: We know that every problem is an opportunity. We believe in white-boarding solutions, where we can illustrate great ideas and share them with the team to come up with better ideas and solutions. We are open to every team member’s input. We collaborate and innovate together. We think outside the box… in fact, we don’t even see the box. We are constantly improving in order to be the best we can be.


Above all, we are never satisfied; we are always hungry.


Always Finding a Better Way

It all begins with culture and people. When Sam Simon built Atlas Oil from the ground up 34 years ago, he imbued its culture with a philosophy of caring that still resonates across all the Simon Group Holdings companies today. In fact, every member of the SGH team possesses an inherent set of values that we pride ourselves on. We think of it this way: Where other companies see roadblocks, we see opportunities. Our success is constantly driven by collaboration and innovation; we are always thinking, inventing and finding a better way. Our people are truly what make us different.


Seize the Moment

We live and breathe our culture every day through strong execution and unmatched delivery. In the face of a challenge, we don’t recoil or look the other way. Instead, we put ourselves on the front lines. We roll up our sleeves and leverage our resources and connections to solve problems. Delivering fuel to a hospital during the worst hurricane of the century shows our instinct to pull together in moments of crisis and quickly deliver solutions.


High Energy Breeds High Success

The Simon Group Holdings culture cannot be taught in a classroom or read in a book. It comes from the passion and energy that are contagious across all the companies within the SGH family. Our people – our front-line warriors – are one of a kind; and the strength of our team has driven our success for decades.

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