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Vision + People + Action = Strong Results

SGH partnership with ETI Tech & Starwin Industries: Synergies in core values to form a successful partnership


Investing in people is at the core of what drives every business transaction at Simon Group Holdings. SGH’s partnership with ETI Tech and Starwin Industries is a great example of how strong relationships start with a conversation. A conversation led like-minded individuals to want to do business with one another. Finding synergies between their values was the foundation of SGH and ETI Tech coming together to acquire an already successful electro-mechanical flight hardware and ground support company. Shortly thereafter, SGH partnered with Starwin Industries to expand their synergies into the aerospace and defense contract manufacturing. Starwin specializes in tight tolerance machined parts and composite parts for aircraft and other defense programs.

“We had an immediate connection to Sam and his leadership team. Once we met, we knew we wanted to do business together.”

A shared passion for growth, innovation and country

Sam Simon could clearly see that ETI & Starwin were positioned for enormous growth potential. Not only were they a sole source provider of key aircraft parts and aerospace & defense contracting, they had established strong relationships with the U.S. government and aviation giants such as Lockheed Martin. ETI has the highest quality ratings and has been named “Best Supplier” by Lockheed Martin. Additionally, Sam found synergies with other aerospace companies under Simon Group Holdings, specifically with AeroParts Now. But most importantly, Sam believed that ETI & Starwin had the right teams in place to achieve the growth he knew the companies were capable of. For Sam, it’s people who ultimately determine the success or failure of a business.

“Sam’s passion for the U.S. military and strong relationships in the aerospace industry laid the foundation for a long and healthy partnership.”


How Sam stepped in and then stepped back

Sam quickly made his decision to commit Simon Group Holdings to the acquisition of ETI Tech through Soaring Pine Capital Growth Fund I, LLC, in February 2017. The Starwin Industry acquisition followed a year later to create a partnership that could handle any aerospace or defense contracting job. After the deals were consummated, SGH did not insert themselves into the companies or make any changes. Rather, Sam provided the investments giving the companies the ability to purchase equipment that small companies in this domain often don’t normally have. Access to this type of equipment was key in initiating the growth of the company. The financial support provided by SGH, was key to allowing ETI and Starwin to scale their growth potential. Sam has encouraged the companies to explore other product opportunities and investigate other companies to acquire and partner with; extending their network into the profitable and steadily growing aerospace and defense industry.

Vision + People + Action = Powerful Results

The strategic investment partnerships with ETI & Starwin is a perfect example of how SGH provides vision, decisive action and cross-discipline thinking to investors and the companies it acquires. It fulfills the SGH philosophy of identifying the right people to work with, putting everything you have into making it work and delivering results and a successful outcome.

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