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Our partnerships are our pride


Moses Shepherd

CEO, ACE Investment Group

“I’ve known Sam for over 30 years. Our relationship is so much more than just business. I trust in his team and am thankful for the value they bring to my business.”


Jason Hamama

CEO, Hamama Properties

“Sam’s leadership team provides great feedback, but allows you to run with your business. They’re a great investment partner.”


Michael Berger

President, Berger Realty Group

“The SGH leadership team sees the big picture and knows how to make things better.”


Dan McMurtrie

Founder & CEO - VESTA Modular

“Sam’s not afraid to talk about his failures, which has taught me a great deal about knowing when to walk away from a deal.”


Robert Bial

President, Forefront Aerospace Services

“Working with Sam and his team I quickly learned that tenets such as drive, determination, innovation and collaboration are not mere words but are truly the doctrine by which they live their lives.”


Rick Nini

President & CEO - Corporate Eagle

“I like doing business with someone that has a moral compass.”

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