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AeroParts NowTM Launches Platform to Make Commerce Easy for Aerospace

AeroParts Now, the first purpose-built ecommerce solution for aviation part sellers, is excited to announce the availability of its groundbreaking software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecosystem integration platform solution. Designed from the ground up to accelerate the parts sales cycle, AeroParts Now helps parts sellers reach their target markets, achieve business objectives, and reduce excess inventory.

AeroParts Now synchronizes inventory with popular third-party marketplaces, streamlines the quoting process and customer communications, and enables direct-to-customer transactions through custom-branded web and mobile storefronts. Customers can utilize the system as an all-in-one solution suite to include: APN SyncTM, APN InventoryTM, APN RFQTM, APN StorefrontTM or APN MarketplaceTM.

● APN Sync – APN Sync synchronizes inventory from popular ERP systems to connected marketplaces and APN Storefront, allowing companies to count on real-time inventory data when communicating with its customers. ● APN Inventory – APN Inventory allows customers to rapidly enroll parts and add product photos, inventory tags, and other certification documentation to parts in AeroParts Now and a connected ERP system. It also gives part sellers who do not have an ERP system a way to organize inventory parts and list them on company-unique storefronts or third party marketplaces. ● APN RFQ – APN RFQ consolidates and organizes all customer quotes into a single pipeline, providing visibility to the entire team. RFQs can be assigned to individual team members to eliminate redundant work while flagging possible duplicate RFQs from the same buyer or marketplaces. RFQ status codes and visual cues help parts sellers manage their queue efficiently, enabling them to achieve quote release goals and manage backlogs and delays. ● APN Storefront – APN Storefront enables part sellers to quickly publish a private or public, custom-branded ecommerce store and sell directly to their customers. ● APN Marketplace – APN Marketplace is an extension of APN Storefront which enables parts sellers to establish a private, custom-branded environment to do business with preferred partners. APN Marketplace owners can allow select customers to buy and sell parts with custom pricing, reaching more customers than ever before.

AeroParts Now’s SaaS model offers parts sellers greater flexibility and lower overall costs over existing or custom home-grown solutions. Customers can add new services as needed, and or add custom features with AeroParts Now professional services.

“We are thrilled to release this secure and private enterprise software solution to the aviation industry,” said AeroParts Now President, Will Dent. “Built with agility and business performance in mind, our system will help our customers achieve higher sales, reduce costs, eliminate excess inventory, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction,” he said. “Our platform features will help propel the industry forward by modernizing the way suppliers sell and buyers purchase aircraft parts.”

Sam Simon, founder and chairman of Simon Group Holdings (SGH) has provided the backing and leadership to execute the vision of AeroParts Now. “We see a clear opportunity to modernize current aircraft parts sales processes and shopping experiences that are commonly found in other industries,” said Simon. “That’s why we have put so much energy into AeroParts Now, and why we’re looking forward to bringing innovation to the future of aircraft part sales.”

About AeroParts Now AeroParts Now, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Simon Group Holdings, is dedicated to advancing the aerospace industry through technological innovation that connects the dots between the industry’s inventory management systems, vendors and customers. The company’s comprehensive SaaS solution provides unique insights into some of the world’s largest inventory management systems in real-time by allowing the systems’ users to seamlessly synchronize inventory lists with existing marketplaces. AeroParts Now’s groundbreaking suite of tools set a new standard for accuracy and dependability in aerospace commerce.


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