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Giving back to our Future

The Sam and Nada Simon Foundation, co-founded by philanthropists Sam and Nada Simon, has paved the path for senior Michael Perry during his time at De La Salle. ⁣

The Simons have played an integral role in his development, both inside and outside the classroom. And, because of such, Perry is now ready to further his education at Tuskegee University, located in Tuskegee, Ala. ⁣

On Tuesday, Perry was able to meet Nada Simon in person for the first time, and offered high praise for the impact she has made on him. ⁣

“She helped provide stepping stones for me to get through my time at De La Salle,” Perry said of Mrs. Simon. “She gave me my ‘Yellow Brick Road’ for success.”⁣

Despite Sam and Nada Simon never having attended De La Salle, they undoubtedly embody the Lasallian spirit, and have lived a life of giving back and serving others. ⁣

Advancement Director Greg Esler believes the impact that Nada has had on Perry will extend beyond his four years as a Pilot. ⁣

“I’m so thankful for the fact that the Simons have become a part of the De La Salle family,” Esler said. “They are tremendous people, and truly exemplify the Lasallian way. It’s one of the many reasons why I believe the relationship between Michael Perry and Nada Simon will last forever.”⁣

De La Salle is forever grateful to the Simons for their support of Michael and the students of De La Salle.

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