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Fuel (Fluid) Automation Station, LLC wins Federal Court Lawsuit against Energera, LLC, fka Frac Shac

Fuel (Fluid) Automation Station, LLC (“FAS”) and Atlas Oil Company (“AOC”) are pleased to announce that FAS won a Jury Trial against Energera, LLC, fka Frac Shack (“Energera”), in Denver, Colorado, on March 16, 2023.

FAS filed a Lawsuit in Federal Court against Energera to enforce a previously agreed upon 2019 Settlement Agreement between FAS and Energera in response to Energera’s threats to customers of FAS and AOC regarding its mobile automated fueling stations. At the conclusion of a three-day Jury Trial, the nine-member jury unanimously found that: (i) Energera breached the Settlement Agreement by filing lawsuits in Canada against FAS’s Canadian Affiliate and Subcontractor; (ii) Energera’s Canadian Patent No. 2,693,567 was included within the Settlement Agreement; and (iii) FAS was entitled to recover its costs and attorney fees from Energera. This win for FAS comes on the heels of FAS’s earlier victory in the Lawsuit where the Judge soundly rejected Energera’s argument by ruling that the Settlement Agreement also permitted FAS to sell or lease its units to customers around the globe.

FAS invests heavily in technology, research, and development. With its 45 active Patents in the USA, Canada, and Argentina, along with its additional pending patent applications, FAS is leading the mobile automated fueling station market with its advanced and state of the art mobile automated fueling stations. FAS makes its technology available through licensing agreements and will continue to be a leader in the oil and gas industry and work vigilantly to protect its intellectual property and customers.

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