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SGH Invests $3 Million in Storica Wines, Strengthening Partnership for Growth and Innovation

Simon Group Holdings (SGH), is excited to announce a significant $3 million investment in Storica Wines, a renowned producer and importer of premium Armenian wines. The investment marks a strategic collaboration between SGH and Storica, further reinforcing their shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and the expansion of the wine industry. This collaboration is particularly meaningful as Sam Simon, the founder of SGH, traces his family roots back to Armenia.

As a diversified holding company, SGH actively seeks out investment opportunities in industries with high growth potential and exceptional quality. Storica Wines aligns perfectly with this strategy, showcasing a portfolio of exceptional wines that have garnered international acclaim and top ratings from industry experts and consumers alike.

"We are thrilled to partner with Storica Wines, a company that epitomizes quality, craftsmanship, and the preservation of winemaking traditions," said Sam Simon, Founder and CEO of Simon Group Holdings. "Storica's dedication to showcasing the unique terroir and indigenous grape varietals of Armenia resonates with our vision for supporting exceptional brands and fostering growth in the global wine market. This investment is a testament to our confidence in Storica's potential and our commitment to their continued success."

Storica Wines, founded by Armenian winemakers at the forefront of the fine winemaking renaissance in the country, is renowned for its portfolio of award-winning wines. With an exclusive focus on grape varietals indigenous to Armenia, Storica captures the essence of the region's rich winemaking heritage, captivating wine enthusiasts with its exceptional taste and compelling story.

“This partnership with SGH comes at a pivotal time for our business and will catalyze our continued efforts to build the category of Armenian wine in the US,” says Zack Armen, President of Storica Wine. “Sam’s passion for Armenia, for wine, and for supporting growing businesses is a perfect fit for Storica and is an inspiration to our team. We are excited to work alongside SGH to bring our portfolio of fine wines of Armenia to new heights.”


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