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Collaboration is a Springboard at Simon Group Holdings

Happy spring time! Simon Group Holdings is excited for things to “warm up,” as we celebrate new initiatives with investors, entrepreneurs, real estate, strategic alliances, and clients. Our team and national footprint are growing exponentially, calling on SGH’s core values to guide the decisions we make.

Collaboration thrives at SGH and is a key piece of our core values. Collaborative innovation helps us grow and renew ourselves as a company. Working together fosters some of our greatest ideas; we will listen to everyone’s ideas and incorporate them into our strategy. Being in a collaborative environment helps foster unique and well-rounded ideas that have become the trademark in an SGH business deal.

Why else do we work in collaboration at SGH? We believe every team member brings a unique skillset, and when combined with the strengths of SGH, manifests our strongest initiatives. We keep an open line of communication across all our companies and departments under the SGH umbrella. If someone from the finance department has an idea for marketing, the teams collaborate to bring the idea to life in a way that benefits the whole team.

Collaborating goes beyond work for us; we create a personal bond among the team. Every Friday the team has the chance to partake in a yoga class to practice mindfulness as part of our Total Wellness mentality. Another Friday tradition of ours is our company wide conference call where discuss the company’s direction. Our sense of community is why we love to work at SGH.

With spring in the air and summer around the corner we send out winter with an cheery goodbye. We look forward to continuing the momentum of growth and collaboration throughout the diverse SGH portfolio. Be sure to stay tuned to catch the first glimpse of all our new projects and initiatives!


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