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Fuel Automation Station, FuelNOW to Debut Groundbreaking Tech at ADIPEC

Fuel Automation Station, LLC (FAS) and FuelNOW Network, LLC (FuelNOW), part of the Simon Group Holdings (SGH) investment portfolio, will debut their groundbreaking technology solutions for the energy industry as first-time exhibitors at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC) from November 12-15. Fuel Automation Station is an automated fueling solution that improves efficiency, accuracy and safety in oilfield operations, and FuelNOW is a smart last mile logistics platform that provides transparency and accuracy throughout the fuel delivery lifecycle.

On display in the FAS/FuelNOW exhibitor booth will be a virtual reality experience and 3D model of the Fuel Automation Station, an automated fueling unit featuring smart cloud technology that makes for faster, accurate and safer frac site fueling. The FAS cloud features a smart dashboard with real-time analytics across multiple fracking sites.

“This is truly a cutting-edge solution,” commented Bob Kenyon, President of Atlas Oil Company and customer of Fuel Automation Station. “The Fuel Automation Station is reinventing traditional oilfield operations, and most importantly, it takes humans out of the hot zone, making it a much safer working environment.”

With emphasis on its utilization of Fuel Automation Station in its oil field operations, Atlas Oil Company was recently awarded with the 2018 Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Award for Excellence in Health and Safety.

In addition to Fuel Automation Station’s display at ADIPEC, FuelNOW’s last mile logistics technology will be featured in the exhibitor booth. FuelNOW offers a digital fuel marketplace through a smart app and platform that caters to fuel wholesalers/suppliers, carriers, drivers and end customers. Booth visitors will be able to learn about the various features within the FuelNOW tech stack.

“FuelNOW is not only digitizing the fuel delivery process for the first time, but it is setting the standard for last mile logistics; and this goes beyond fuel. The technology’s framework could be applied to other areas of the energy space, including chemicals, natural gas, water and more,” said Chris Mattina, EVP of Simon Group Holdings. Mattina directs all the technology platforms within the SGH portfolio.

Both Fuel Automation Station and FuelNOW are rapidly expanding their national footprint in the United States and are ready to be taken internationally. Much of the growth and success of both companies can be attributed to Founder and Chairman Sam Simon’s extensive experience and expertise in the oil and gas space. Simon founded Atlas Oil Company, based out of Taylor, MI, in 1985 and has grown the company to $2 billion in revenue and over 600 employees.

“We knew we could develop solutions for age-old industry problems, including a lack of digitization and unsatisfactory safety procedures in the oil field. Both Fuel Automation Station and FuelNOW are disrupting the energy space in the U.S., and we’re ready to go global,” commented Sam Simon, Founder and Chairman of Simon Group Holdings.

Fuel Automation Station and FuelNOW will be exhibiting in booth #7434, hall #7 in the USA International Pavilion. ADIPEC runs from Monday, November 12 through Thursday, November 15 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). It is one of the world’s largest oil and gas events that brings together industry stakeholders and experts to share knowledge and exchange ideas on the energy industry.

To learn more about Fuel Automation Station and FuelNOW, stop by the exhibitor booth at ADIPEC for a hands on experience or visit and

About Fuel Automation Station

Fuel Automation Station (FAS) is an automated fueling solution that improves oilfield operations, resulting in faster, more accurate and safer frac fueling. FAS is setting the standard for safely fueling frac units during fracking operations. In addition to the onsite Fuel Automation Station unit, FAS offers a smart cloud platform, giving customers real-time insight into frac fueling operations across multiple sites. FAS is part of the Simon Group Holdings energy technology portfolio. For more information, visit

About FuelNOW

FuelNOW is a digital technology stack that empowers the last mile ecosystem of wholesalers, carriers, drivers and ultimate customers towards smarter, faster deliveries. They aim to be the digital marketplace and technology where everyone in the ecosystem connects and engages in a uniquely digital way, ultimately getting everyone paid exponentially faster. FuelNOW is a tech startup in the Simon Group Holdings energy technology portfolio. Discover more about FuelNOW’s mission, culture, and team at

About Simon Group Holdings

Simon Group Holdings (SGH) was established in 1985 with the founding of Atlas Oil Company by Sam Simon. SGH has over 120 companies and direct investments, 3,000 customers and over 1,000 team members. Its growth is fueled through digital disruption and by investing in operationally experienced entrepreneurs who have a vision and hunger to reinvent their respective industries. SGH has interests in comprehensive energy solutions; fuel supply; oil field services; logistics and transportation; real estate; private equity; technology services; aerospace and defense; and turnkey modular solutions.

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