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Fuel Automation Station Helps Organizations Tackle Global Fueling Challenges at Argentina Oil Expo

Fuel Automation Station will be introducing its automated fueling models and cloud-based technology at the Argentina Oil & Gas Expo 2019 that will help companies in the region increase safety, efficiency and productivity in their fueling operations.

“We see an immense opportunity in the Paraná Basin and are looking forward to expanding internationally in this key market,” said Fuel Automation Station CEO, Michael Fahy. “Our team is constantly developing new models, capabilities, and technologies ahead of high market demand to satisfy the needs of our diverse customer-base.”

Fuel Automation Station originated in the U.S. to improve efficiencies in the oilfield but has recently expanded internationally to tackle top fueling challenges in a wide-range of industries including fracking, marine, emergency response and more. The company offers units that are engineered specifically for international deployment due to their compact, ergonomic design.

With up to 28 hoses to track inventory levels and deliver products to multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, the Fuel Automation Station’s patented technology boosts operational efficiency while eliminating spills, hazards and downtime. The unit’s plug-and-play design, built-in fail-safes, and automated keep-fill technology ensure operations stay up and running 24/7.

Each unit comes equipped with a fully integrated, cloud-based operating system that provides real-time visibility and control into fueling operations. The FAS Cloud seamlessly integrates with existing systems to automate processes, streamline billing functions and eliminate the need for field-level paperwork. Accessible from any device over a secure internet connection, its IoT gateway infrastructure allows customers to assess and adjust on the go. Predictive maintenance and equipment diagnostics help to correct issues immediately and if necessary, emergency shutdown can be initiated within seconds from any location.

“As part of our commitment to customer success, we’ve recently built an industry-leading command center in Houston, TX that allows our team to monitor all FAS units worldwide from a single location,” said Founder, Chairman & Owner, Sam Simon. “With this addition, we’ve been able to optimize operations, reduce response times and increase efficiencies for our customers.”

Visit booth 1F-31 to learn more about Fuel Automation Station and schedule a meeting with the team in advance of the show at

About Fuel Automation Station

Fuel Automation Station (FAS) is a patented automated fueling solution that is setting the standard for safety and efficiency across multiple industries worldwide. Capable of providing automated product level management and delivery to as many as 28 distinct inventories simultaneously, FAS technology boosts operational efficiency while eliminating spills, hazards, and downtime. FAS offers a smart and secure cloud-based digital platform that provides customers with real-time data insight into their day-to-day fueling operations and is part of the Simon Group Holdings energy technology portfolio. For more information on the Fuel Automation Station, visit


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