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Interns Tell All: Why SGH Was the Right Fit

At Simon Group Holdings, we have deemed the warm-weather months as “intern season.” Every year, interns full of passion, energy and eagerness to learn join our team; and we welcome them into the SGH family with open arms. For us, an internship goes beyond getting coffee and organizing spreadsheets. We believe an internship should pave the way for a life-long career of success, and provide tools and skills that our interns can take with them well into the future.

We are determined to make their experiences with us count, so we opened the conversation with each of our seven interns on why they chose SGH and how they think their internship will be beneficial to their career. Among their responses, we found quite a few synergies; mainly related to the strong SGH culture and team camaraderie.

What is your favorite thing about interning with Simon Group Holdings?

We always talk about investing in people, and how a strong team culture is prioritized above all else, so we were pleased with the way all seven of our interns responded to this question:

“I love how friendly everybody is. There is a family dynamic throughout the office and a drive for success in every team member.”

– John Naaman, Real Estate Intern, SGH

“Everybody seems to have a passion for what they do within the company.”

– Teresa Carson, Marketing Intern, Atlas Oil

“I love our collaborative team environment. Everyone is really supportive.”

– Abby Fraher, Marketing Intern, FuelNOW

“I have really enjoyed Atlas Oil’s welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is willing to help out with anything.”

– Andrew Mauk, Accounting Intern, Atlas Oil

In which ways do you believe Simon Group Holdings will help you prepare for the future?

In addition to maintaining a strong team dynamic, our mission is to be industry disruptors across our entire family of companies. Innovative, out-of-the-box thinking is instilled in all our team members, so it is important for us to ensure our interns adopt that same mindset. We asked the interns how they believe their role at Simon Group Holdings would help them prepare for the future, and through their responses we found that overall, they receive a well-rounded experience that encourages them to expand their minds and pursue new, innovative ideas. Here’s what they had to say:

“The collaborative atmosphere allows us to foster innovation in many forms. I’ve witnessed team members come together to develop ideas that would have never been thought of had they been working alone.”

– JaeYoung Chang, Business Management Intern, SGH

“Because everybody is so welcoming, I’m never afraid to ask questions here. I am learning new problem-solving skills that will help me in the long run.”

– Sharlene Lashbrook, Accounting Intern, SGH

“Every single person I have met at SGH has contributed to my learning experience. I’ve gained knowledge and wisdom that I will never forget.

– Aroon Prabhu, Business Management Intern, SGH

To our interns… we’re lucky to have you! We are thrilled by your feedback. We hope your experience with us will be beneficial to your career for years to come.


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