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Team vs. Individuals: What it Means to Win Together

Photo courtesy of Bank.

Since our days of little league baseball, soccer camp and science fairs, we’ve been advised time and time again that there is “no I in Team.” The Utah Jazz’s series victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, advancing the team to the next round of playoffs, has proven that this old saying still holds true. Everyone assumed that Oklahoma City’s combined 22 all-star appearances would surely land them a spot in the Western Conference semifinals, over Utah who has had zero all-star appearances – but that wasn’t the case. It goes to show that simply combining talented people does not necessarily guarantee success; there is much more to it than that.

Photo courtesy of SportsCenter.

The lesson learned from the Jazz-Thunder outcome can be applied to any team environment, and it’s a principle we hold near and dear at Simon Group Holdings. We pride ourselves on building a team of extremely talented individuals, each bringing something unique to the table… but our team dynamic goes beyond focusing on individual talents. We know that the only way to keep moving forward is to constantly collaborate and learn from one another. Our individual success is the team’s success, and our individual failures are the team’s failures.

I begin all my emails with “Team…,” whether just two people or 100 are copied in the message. At SGH, we never use the term employees, and always refer to each other as team members. Having a team mentality is everything; especially in a fast-paced environment focused on innovating and disrupting the marketplace. Creating a shared vision, celebrating our successes together and solving problems together are key to our continued growth.

When we win, we win together.


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