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41 Cabernet Sauvignons Worth Splurging On

Great Cabernet Sauvignon can set you back by several mortgage payments if you’re not careful. Yet there are still plenty of splurge-worthy Cabs from around the world that ring in at under $150 per bottle…still a whole lot of money, but not in the realm of many Cab-based cult wines, or First Growth Bordeaux, which can easily stretch in to the four or five figures depending on the vintage and the provenance. The ones below, listed alphabetically, represent some of the top high-end Cabs around. They range from 2017 to 2020, and all are worth considering for special occasions as we head into the springtime holiday season of Mother’s and Father’s Day, graduations, and more. It’s also worth noting that, though a majority of these are from California, there are terrific ones that can be found from around the world, from great Bordeaux to South America, Australia, and beyond.

2019 Simon Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Positively overflowing with cassis and melted chocolate ganache, this benefits from complicating notes of star anise, walnut amaro, espresso, and Amarena cherries. There is also a savory tug at the edges, which, along with the assertive tannins, makes this a wine for both the dinner table right now (after a stint in the decanter) and for the cellar over the course of the next couple of decades.


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