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Building Relationships – The Key to Successful Investing

Simon Group Holdings has redefined traditional investment strategies by eliminating specific criteria and expanding our portfolio to a variety of industries. However, while our strategy does not fit into a template or set of criteria, there is one common thread that can be found in all of our business deals: strong relationships. As Sam Simon always says,

“We invest in people – not companies.”

Simon Group Holdings lives and breathes this philosophy in every partnership we form. Though a strong business plan and clear goals are crucial for a new company, we believe the most important factor in determining the success of a business are the people behind it. Simon Group Holdings has found that strong relationships result from a combination of passion and collaborative innovation.


The first thing Simon Group Holdings looks for in a business partner is passion. We have discovered that passionate, dedicated, entrepreneurial individuals have encountered the highest amounts of success when starting a new business. Without passion, it is nearly impossible to elevate a company to its full potential. Simon Group Holdings shares the same passion for each of our companies as each one of our leaders.

Collaborative Innovation

Simon Group Holdings has found that strong business relationships rely on the ability to collaborate. Strong collaboration results in new and innovative perspectives, which are essential for thinking outside of the box. For Simon Group Holdings, collaboration and innovation are a recipe for game-changing ideas. We do not simply buy and sell companies to turn over a profit. We collaborate with our business partners to ensure they are equipped with the resources and support necessary to achieve their goals.

The common thread that connects all of Simon Group Holdings’ partnerships is our investment in people. Above all else, quality people make or break the success of a company. Passion and collaborative innovation are critical attributes for elevating a company to new levels. Investing in people has single-handedly contributed to the strong relationships Simon Group Holdings has formed over the years.


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