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FAS Announces Partnership with Alliance OGP to Bring Dual Fuel Services to the Oil & Gas Industry

Fluid Automation Station announced it has entered into a partnership with Alliance OGP to offer dual-fuel solutions, providing oil and gas exploration and production operators and completions companies access to cleaner and more affordable energy.

Alliance OGP combines its dedicated mobile fuel gas conditioning and distribution systems with its unmatched technical expertise in treating natural gas to help operators use wellhead gas, CNG or LNG to fuel their operations. Fluid Automation Station will utilize its patented fuel distribution technology in conjunction with Alliance to offer a complete dual fuel solution.

“Many of our oilfield customers have dual fuel fleets and were looking to single source their diesel, LNG and CNG supply,” said Fluid Automation Station’s Founder, Chairman and Owner Sam Simon. “This is a service that very few suppliers currently offer. Today’s climate demands greener forms of energy. Our team strategically executed a plan to meet the increased need.”

Fluid Automation Station has seen a shift in the industry and is working diligently to bring alternative fuel solutions to market and reduce carbon emissions in oil fields. Natural gas is one of the safest and cleanest energy sources available, emitting almost half the amount of carbon dioxide than diesel when burned. It emits little to no sulfur, making it more environmentally friendly and more efficient than other fuel alternatives. Natural gas fuel is cost-effective and provides further savings in the form of carbon credits.

“We are always on the lookout for innovative solutions,” says, Jesus Mejorada, Co-Founder of Alliance OGP. “Offsetting a share of diesel consumption with natural gas creates an immediate opportunity for companies to lower their operating cost and their GHG emissions. We can now offer a turnkey dual-fuel program through Fluid Automation Station’s premier automated fueling technology.”

About Fluid Automation Station

Fluid Automation Station (FAS) is a patented automated fueling solution that is setting the standard for safety and efficiency across multiple industries worldwide. Capable of providing automated product level management and delivery to as many as 36 distinct inventories simultaneously, FAS technology boosts operational efficiency while eliminating spills, hazards, and downtime. FAS offers a smart and secure cloud-based digital platform that provides customers with real-time data insight into their day-to-day fueling operations and is part of the Simon Group Holdings energy technology portfolio. For more information on the Fluid Automation Station, visit

About Alliance OGP

Founded in 2018 and based in Houston, Alliance OGP is a leading mobile natural gas treatment company focused on leading the oil and gas industry’s move away from diesel consumption and use natural gas to electrify oil and gas operations. Alliance OGP currently manages fuel gas solutions for over 230 megawatts of power generation assets and supports the dual-fuel and eFrac market. Alliance OGP is a portfolio company of Arroyo Energy Investment Partners, LLC. For more information on Alliance OGP, visit


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