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Sam Simon: Backing Detroit Real Estate Entrepreneurs

By definition, entrepreneurs take calculated business risks with the goal that their ideas will create value for themselves as well as their financial backers. Two proven Detroit area real estate leaders are Ace Investment Group founder and owner Moses Shepherd, and attorney Dean Groulx, who founded Park Street Group.

Recently, Soaring Pine Capital, a Simon Group Holdings company, announced that financing we provided each entrepreneurial leader was repaid, and extended, respectfully. Each has purchased, refurbished, and leased or sold, hundreds of properties in Metro Detroit over several years.

Business relationships are built on trust and often friendship. In fact, Moses worked for my father long ago. Dean served as Atlas Oil’s outside counsel a few years ago. However, financial business decisions can’t just be about friendship, but built on an acute understanding of the traits that make up the DNA of successful entrepreneurs.

Moses and Dean are both visionaries, smart businessmen, and have a relentless drive to grow their businesses, which they have successfully done. They represent just two of the many leaders supported by Simon Group Holdings. We’re proud to collaborate with professionals who are helping to rebuild Detroit so it will be attractive to the next generation of innovators.

Press Release: Soaring Pine Capital Extends Credit Facility to Park Street Group Realty Services to Expand Detroit Residential Acquisition and Rehabilitation Platform

Press Release: Soaring Pine Capital Receives a Payoff of its Financing of 10 Apartment Buildings on the West Side of Detroit


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