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Sam Simon: What’s Behind the SGH Logo?

Simon Group Holdings leaders and I have received great feedback about our new website and logo. One of my connections asked if I’d share the rationale behind the new logo’s development.

First, we wanted to change the colors. SGH is energetic and gray doesn’t reflect our dynamism. Green represents growth, freshness and relates to our investment industry – it’s the color of money! It represents our upward trajectory since founding Atlas in 1985, and how we approach investments. Green means, “go” and we’re always moving forward.

The main navy blue color and associated blue palate, is rich and sophisticated. It symbolizes the expansiveness of the sky and freedom; intelligence; confidence; stability, trust and intuition. There’s nothing black and white – or black and gray – about private equity. The SGH leadership team understands the nuances of investments and we carefully evaluate potential deals, as well as the entrepreneurs we back.

The green circle represents our connections, relationships and family, in the broadest sense. We grew SGH based on our collective relationships with individual investors, high net worth families, as well as with entrepreneurial leaders. It may sound trite, but this business is only as good as the people you employ, your investors and of course the leaders who have an idea of how to reinvent an industry through vision, technology and hard work.

If you look at our homepage, you’ll get an idea of how SGH companies and investments are connected. In fact, many of our new companies are a result of our connections as well as the synergies among SGH companies. Our Fuel Automation Station solution for hot pumping, for example, is a partnership between Atlas Oil Company and Vixta Solutions. In March, FAS was awarded the first of 14 expected patents.

We also felt it was important to use the SGH acronym, since most people affectionately refer to us by these three letters, as well as our entire company name – Simon Group Holdings.

Invested in People Digitally Disruptive. Entrepreneurial.

Finally, our tagline is the essence of our DNA: Invested in People. Digitally Disruptive. Entrepreneurial. We developed this, as well as our messaging, based on a series of interviews with those connected to our business. This exercise confirmed our focus, unified vision and served as a platform for this new Simon Group Holdings era, as evidenced by our logo and website. You can read more about our philosophy on our site.We eagerly look forward to the future of Simon Group Holdings.


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