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Simon Group Holdings Redefines Traditional Investment Strategies

An oil truck and a credit card helped Sam Simon kick start a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, but the history goes much deeper than that. Compared to other private equity firms, Simon Group Holdings has taken a different approach to starting successful companies. While many investors implement traditional strategies, such as maintaining specific investment criteria or working with particular industries, Simon Group Holdings has rewritten the rules of investing. Sam Simon has always invested in people, which has been the key to his success for the past 32 years. But along with building a strong network of talented, entrepreneurial people, Simon Group Holdings has another advantage over other private equity companies: the power to be innovative, disruptive and fearless. Where other investors see road blocks, we see opportunities. Through this mentality, Simon Group Holdings is redefining traditional investment strategies.

Thinking Outside the Box For Simon Group Holdings, investment criteria has a completely different meaning from its traditional perception. Many private equity firms strive to present a clear-cut version of their investment strategy by defining typical industries, company size and maturity, annual revenue goals, etc. This is not the way Simon Group Holdings does business. We believe that limiting ourselves to specific criteria puts us inside of a box and blinds us to potentially game-changing opportunities. Instead, Simon Group Holdings takes a different approach. We are open to playing in new and unknown spaces, which has allowed us to expand our portfolio and pursue undiscovered opportunities.

Digitally Disruptive Remember what Uber did to the taxi cab industry? Or Amazon’s impact on the retail industry? These technologies represent exactly the innovative mentality that Simon Group Holdings prides itself on. With digitization transforming industries across the board, Simon Group Holdings has positioned itself to cultivate new, disruptive technologies that will be game changers for their respective industries. Rather than looking for up-and-coming technologies that have already been introduced in the marketplace, Simon Group Holdings seeks out unexpected ventures that will make waves. While many people believe that digitization will be the end of legacy industries, such as fuel distribution, Simon Group Holdings sees an opportunity to transform the way these industries function. This goes back to thinking outside of the box. By eliminating the box completely, we’ve opened the door to new levels of innovation that have not been previously discovered.

These unique qualities have positioned Simon Group Holdings at the forefront of new and innovative investment practices; and it won’t stop there. Simon Group Holdings will continue to pursue relationships with strong people who are out-of-the-box thinkers looking for ways to disrupt the world as we know it.


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