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Selfridge Family Day Picnic and Air Show Recap

As an annual tradition, Simon Group Holdings and Atlas Cares host a meal for military servicemen and women along with their families at Selfridge Air National Guard Base (SANGB). Last week, our team members and volunteers gathered to host the Team Selfridge Family Day picnic as part of the SANGB 127th Wing 100-year celebration. We provided lunch and activities for thousands of military men and women along with their families.

“Seeing the smiles on their faces was the most rewarding part,” commented Nada Simon, President of the Sam & Nada Foundation. “The bravery and sacrifice our service men and women demonstrate daily is remarkable. The picnic was a great way to bring the families together to celebrate all that our Air Force and military have accomplished throughout history.”

In addition to the Atlas Cares picnic and family day activities, Team Selfridge put on an airshow for all families and service members to observe. USAF Thunderbirds soared across the sky; twisting, turning and diving through the air.

Supporting our military, police and fire is a tradition that Sam Simon and the entire Simon Group Holdings team hold dear. Our servicemen and women deserve to be recognized for their commitment to this country, and it is our honor to host these outstanding individuals year after year.


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